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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Using the Power & Popularity of Blogs to Promote your Business and as a Powerful Networking Tool

This blog is about utilizing blogs to promote and advertise your business online. Blogs are now incredibably popular. In 2004, "Blog" was the #1 most popular word in the English Dictionary as per Websters. In a recent article in The New York Times, blogging is said to be the #1 rage on the internet today. Why not use this trend to maximize the exposure and promotion of your business? A blog is somewhat like an online newsletter, a bulletin board and a networking group in one. A blog is a web log and journal that can be continually updated as well as interactive, in that it allows others to post and make comments. We are now starting to see the release of many online tools to drive traffic to blogs, including blog search engines, blog directories, blog link exchange, RSS feeders, blog banner advertising and more. Any business owner, entrepreneur or individual is encouraged to take advantage of blogging to promote their business opportunity, to drive web traffic to their website, to increase e-mail subscriptions, and to network with others.